Fake Opinions

Fake opinions is intended to be a multi-interpretable object existing of two core disks and multi-sized opinion blades around a Cristal ball of 8cm.
You can change the object by removing or adding blades, but the object can become unstable by wrong decisions. When you do like an unstable object in the created form; the created object can be welded into stability

Create a Fake Opinion object and choose:
2 Core disks #1 and store 20 opinion blades.
2 Core disks #2 and store 10 opinion blades.
At this moment there are two kind of opinion blades: B#1 round 24cm and B#2 oval 32cm.

Attention: CorTen steel is used because it will rust beautiful by rainwater.

FO1 B1-20

FO scheef CU K1B20 website

FO2 B1-10

FO1 B1-18 B2-2

FO2 B2-10

FO1 B1-10 + B2-10

F2 B1-5 + B2-5

The End